This is a splendid opportunity to purchase a RESTAURANT and GUEST-HOUSE with the potential of creating a unique and upmarket BOUTIQUE HOTEL.
Over and above the 52 cover restaurant (with seating both inside and out) and the attractive GARDEN there is scope to develop the property to comprise 14 stylish en-suite bedrooms and a street level licensed wine-bar.
There is alternatively the flexibility to consider new bedrooms, an elegant bridal suite and/or conferencing facilities/a music venue. For a swimming pool permission would need to be sought.

The property is located within an hour of Rome, in Amelia, a beautiful hill town to an extent still undiscovered. Archaeological importance and history has led to the continuing unearthing of this jewel of a town. The local council is working on some fundamental improvements to ease access and movement for the growing number of tourist visitors. Already the town is home to both Romans and Europeans with second homes within the walls or surrounding countryside and the restaurant enjoyed their patronage, and that of many from the close town of Terni, from Rome and from the Vatican.

On first sight the property appears to be a ‘borgo’ within a ‘borgo’, set on the junction of two minor roadways and a small piazza, with arched bridges joining the buildings for sale. The main building is fully restored and can open almost immediately with fully equipped restaurant and six attractive, furnished, en-suite letting rooms. The garden is easily maintained and apart from being used to grow supplies for the restaurant kitchen, has provided in the past a spot both for room guests to take breakfast, and to relax. The garden benefits also from street access. The property has extensive, intriguing CELLARS for which a wine-bar project has already been developed, with permission granted.

The additional un-restored buildings are both connected to the main property, one by means of a large covered pedestrian bridge and the other by its position on the corner of the garden. The first addition will provide a magnificent new entranceway for the business and the further bedrooms/alternative accommodation. There are visible on the walls of the upper floor, the remains of some simple medieval frescoes. The latter property could be a further bedroom perhaps with massage suite below or, for example, a staff point.

The licence for the restaurant and rooms is currently in suspension but is instantly renewable. The local council, keen to see the business re-open, is likely to be amenable to requests for assistance with parking spaces, and the possibility of street coffee bar tables.

Additional Supporting Information:

Restaurant – as currently arranged, to include a dining room for smokers, the restaurant seats 44 indoors and 8 out of doors with generous spacing between tables. More tables could perhaps be added but customer privacy would be sacrificed. If the smokers’ room were to be disabled however then the adjoining piano room could take tables too. With the restoration of the additional buildings, and resulting change of entrance, it is also envisaged that four more tables for two would be possible. Two indoors and two out of doors.

Bedrooms – of the six bedrooms five are en-suite and one has a bathroom two paces away across a corridor. Two of the rooms have in addition a kitchen/diner, and one a terrace with panoramic view.

The style of the bedroom is traditional with a modern flourish, much appreciated by Europeans – ceiling beams, old brick floors with rugs, wall-hung bed cushions, some good furniture pieces and cream bedcovers. The bathrooms are white tiled with classic fittings and designer mirror lights. The condition of the rooms is good.

Owner accommodation – this is a large apartment with good sized bedroom, bathroom, study/office, large sitting room with hearth, large kitchen/diner with hearth and small terrace. The space could be adapted to provide more than one bedroom by eliminating some of the ancillary rooms.

Garden – on two levels the garden features an old well, three olive trees, two plum trees, and some classic cypress trees. Over and above the garden’s current usage it is anticipated that permission might be forthcoming for outside dining on the lower level for both residents and non-residents, perhaps two evenings a week. There is a wood oven and barbecue. The garden is served, as is the intermediate level, by a food and beverage lift. To freshen up the garden is a question of merely two or three days’ work. To one side of the lower level there is a roof structure that the owner recommends be removed or re-addressed, it was inherited at the time of purchase.

Potential wine-bar – the project was based around the idea of retaining as much of the history and existing character of the cellar as possible – cleaning back the rock walls and applying a transparent finish, installing glass doors and illuminating them the arched passageway that leads to the lower cellar. (See plans). Consent granted would need to be renewed.

New entrance – with restoration of the portone and the tidying up of the stairway there would be the perfect opportunity to publicise the establishment by creating a potted courtyard garden visible from the street. Ferro battuto gates at the foot of the stairs could be an attractive feature – perhaps left open by day, while the glass doors at the top of the stairs would prevent unaccompanied access by the merely curious.

Price to include – bricks and mortar as described, the restaurant furnished and equipped down to glasses, crockery, knives, forks and pans, and the six guest rooms fully furnished to a high standard complete with linens.

Areas: 1070 sq. metres active, 228 sq. metres of cantina, 550 sq. metres of garden and 312 sq. metres to restore.

The wine-bar project is available to a purchaser and the cellars do contain some antique presses and barrels, ideal for dressing the bar/sales point.

It should be noted that an additional property close to the complex is becoming available for purchase.

Property Features

  • arredato
  • cantine
  • Caratteristico
  • fireplace
  • garden
  • Panoramic
  • pozzo
  • private entrance
  • Terrace